What experiences did you make as an escort?

I need to say that my experience as an escort lady at the escort service are very positive. Sometimes there are situations that give a brief thought-provoking result. This is the first positive message I can share as a general experience. The clients, or rather the men who book a rendezvous, are basically gentlemen who appreciate a certain level of living.

These gentlemen know what they want, they also have format and most gentlemen also have a solid life experience. In short, these men know how to treat a woman properly and it is about enjoying togetherness and an adventure. If you have fun with sex yourself, then an important prerequisite for your own escort career is already given. My experience shows that you are very pampered as a woman, because the gentlemen possess decency and they have wealth of ideas.

As already mentioned, there is a good mood and sometimes it comes to amazement, because the imagination knows no bounds. For me it is a calling and my weakness for luxury is fully satisfied. Especially I liked the escort service in Munich because there is a lot of luxury around.